People WANT to interact with this promotional product!

Visible Branding!

Before the Snap-Card has even been pulled the advertising has started! The card looks like the associated product!

Attention Seeker!

The Snap-Card causes a stir wherever it goes. The audible 'BANG!' is bound to draw a crowd.

Happy Customers

snap-card.com rocks! I've completely changed my view on promotional products. The guys are awesome, and they produced exactly what I was looking for, quickly, and of a brilliant quality. It's boosted my business sales and there's no reason not to recommend them!
I knew I'd found something really great in the Snap-Card when I saw the faces of the people interacting with them for the first time. That, and the fact that it significantly boosted my sales over other promotional tools like the scratch-cards and so on. People love crackers, and it's sad they're only around at Christmas... The Snap-Card manages to brings that joy to people everyday of the year. I'll definitely be buying more.

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